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You will complete and we will review your health questionnaire.  This alerts me to your aches and pains and to conditions in which the treatment may need to be modified.  

Once all your questions are answered, the therapist will step out, allowing you privacy to undress.  Know that your body will be draped with a sheet to insure that your modesty is respected.  Your job is to relax as completely as possible.  Hint:  Breathe deeply and regularly, stressing the exhalation.

Please give feedback if any manipulations are uncomfortable.  We want you to enjoy yourself.  This is your time!

To make the massage setting relaxing, there is soft music.  Please let the therapist know if there are any problems with the music. Candles may be used or other aromatherapy treatments, so please alert us to problems you may have with fragrances and strong smells.

During the process of a massage, the body temperature tends to drop.  If you become too cold or too warm, please let the therapist know so that s/he can make adjustments.

Some people enjoy talking during their sessions, while others remain silent.  Please do what makes you most comfortable and allows you to relax the most.  Do not be afraid to sigh with relaxation or hum with pleasure.
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