Treatment Techniques
We specializes in a number of well-known therapeutic techniques.
We will recommend specific techniques depending on your needs, and of course you are welcome to request a particular technique. 
Swedish Massage is a general relaxation massage.
Facial Massage is a gentle massage that is particularly effective for sufferers of sinus congestion or headaches.
Therapeutic Massage gears the massage toward a more specific ailment.
Deep Tissue Massage affects the various layers of fascia that support muscle tissue and loosens bonds between the layers of connective tissue.
Sports Massage is designed to best help an athlete prepare and recover from an event.  It is geared toward the event and actual areas of pain.
Pregnancy Massage helps promote  relaxation, relieve sore muscles and sooth nerves.  It boosts circulation which can help minimize swelling.
Lomi Lomi Massage is an ancient Hawaiian bodywork in which the therapist utilizes rhythm, movement, speed and depth to provide a deeply relaxing rhythmical massage.
Hot Stone Massage  uses heated smooth stones and glides them over the body for relaxing, penetrating warmth..
Ear Coning is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive way to remove wax build-up and well as provide congestion relief due to colds, allergies and other sinus conditions.
Chair massage is now available.
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