Ear Coning
Ear Coning is a great way to help remove wax from the ears. It also can help provide relief from congestion due to allergies and colds, or other respiratory issues. 
It is very relaxing and many people will find themselves drifting off during the session. It is a stand alone treatment, but can also be combined with a massage.

Possible Benefits of Ear Coning
  • Spiritual opening and emotional clearing
  • Auric cleansing
  • Realignment cleansing of subtle energy flows
  • Sharpening of mental functioning, vision, hearing, smell , taste and color perception
  • Acts as a catalyst to cleat out debris from nerve endings allowing for clear vibrational flow to corresponding areas of mind, body and spirit
  • Detoxification of sinus and lymph system
  • Facilitates other body work

Coning Works in Sedona, AZ is where the Ear Cones I use come from.  Please check out their link for more informaiton!
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